Visit the Samsel Tree Farm

Location: W10420 Beechnut Drive, Hancock, WI  54943   Open M-F, 8-5; Sat 8-noon  Google Map

1. Hike The Ice Age Trail
      See a well managed FSC* certified forest, 10 acres of restored prairie, and one of the deepest kettle holes in Wisconsin.
      Waushara County Segment

2. Tour a Family-owned Sawmill
     See Dry Kilns and Wood Processing Equipment.

2. Visit a Chainsaw Shop
     And don't forget to sign up for safety training!

4. See a GARN wood heating system in operation
     We are an authorized dealer.

5. Learn about the Wisconsin Family Forests Projects.

*FSC (Forest Steward Council)-This is an International Organization promoting sustainable forestry throughout the world.