Flooring and Paneling
We provide custom flooring of many different wood types and sizes.

Red Pine Solid Plank Paneling Kiln-Dried 1x4 and 1x5 Tongue and V-Groove
SALE $1.20 sq ft
> 500 sq ft: $1.14
> 1000: $1.09

Delivery Extra
We stock Oak, Maple, and Pine flooring, and will custom mill flooring to specific standards at the customers request.
Our flooring is milled on our Weinig five-head milling machine, capable of maintaining tolerances to within 1/1000th of an inch.
This machine is capable of milling up to 3000 board feet of flooring per hour. This speed enables us to fill any sized order on time and on budget.
We cut our own custom knives which enables us to match your old flooring precisely, or create a new custom pattern for your project.