Tree Farm

September 2012: Prairie Projects Announced

Summer-Fall 2012: Samsel Tree Farm Hosts Chainsaw Safety Courses, details & schedule

October 2010: Game of Logging Level III
Historical Pictures

Tree Planting Demonstration
L.G. "Sam" Samsel Farm
April 18, 1952

Lester Van Loon
County Agriculture Agent
April 18, 1952

Lester Van Loon Planting
April 18, 1952

"Wildlife... There was None."
April 18, 1952

Armin Stroback (Driving the Tractor)
Lester Van Loon (Sorting Trees)
Bill Boelter (Planting Trees)
April 18, 1952

Harry Lowther (Far Left) and those who came to see the Tree Planting Demonstration
April 18, 1952
Pictures of Our Woods

53 years later...

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